Saturday, June 5, 2010

No News is Good News?

Things have been kind of quiet on the home front. J is getting back into not wanting to leave the house, even to do things we have to do like get the car inspected. My mom and bf moved back in. I think that is what is making things rough. I want to get out more and he wants to stay in. Other than that, we have planted a garden that can occupy our time. I just wish I had a car that was in working condition and a decent job to pay for things we need. It sucks being unemployed and unable to find work anywhere. :(

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  1. Just posting to say I read it. And I will admit my hermit like tendencies have always been like this. I've never wanted to leave the house in my life. So no matter what meds they put me on they will never change how my brain operates or is wired. It is who I am. And now we have the garden all I want to do is sit out there and admire it. But the sun is too hot for me to enjoy it atm.